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about me
I created this website to make quiet and positive transformations for better daily life - my life and yours too, if you want. What is a better life? You know the answer, don't ask me.

We are creating our lives in this distracting and interrupting world. And we don’t need to talk more to succeed. We just need to do the right things. Creating our lives quietly: by talking less and doing more – this is the introverted way living.

The world is often celebrating noisy glamorous action, but I am here to fight for calm and balanced action in this overexcited world. No hurrying, no craziness, no hyper-enthusiasm. And no justification (oh I am so introverted – I want to sleep all day). No – this website is about action.

However I am a quiet thinker, and I know how difficult is to convert ideas into actions. What is blocking us?

  • What is blocking you from achieving better results in your job?
  • What is blocking you from quitting the job and pursuing your dream life?
  • What is blocking you from pursuing your dream life besides your current job?
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