Introverts are amazing people who live exciting lives! The proof is here.

I made a list of inspiring introverts, but they are not world famous almost mythical deceased persons like Einstein or Gandhi. They are people living among us and all of them replied me and gave me their permission to post their profiles on this website. Most of them have either a strong message about introversion or just keep doing amazing things without bothering about personality too much.

Find what they are doing, ask for advice, find inspiration or share this list with those who need it.

The list is arranged in reversed alphabetical order. (So, Zayts will be on top, when he deserves his right to be here)


Val NelsonVal Nelson

Val is a former wallflower who faced her fear of self-promotion and self-employment and managed to create a thriving business as a career/business/life coach. Many of us might dream about such a transformation but fear it because we think this world is for extroverts. “No extrovert mask required” – she insists. If she managed to do what she did without a mask, that is great news for us.

See her website to know more about her business and other SOULpreneurs:




Tyler TervoorenTyler Tervooren

Tyler is the one who talks about leadership to introverts. No no, not about hiding – about leadership. And not only talks – he proves by his personal example that introvert can do many great things like owning three(!) businesses, running a marathon on Antarctica (and every other continent!), organizing events and building strong connections.

You might be interested in his “How to build strong connections” course and blog for introverts with unusual title:


I have remade one article by Tyler into a graphic story: How to start and end a conversation



Thea OrozcoThea Orozco

Thea calls herself “an unapologetic introvert”. Of course, she was not born like that, it was a lifelong journey requiring lots of practice and patience. But standing up for yourself and firmly stating your thoughts is something that introverts often lack. Thea managed to overcome this, and now she is teaching introverts to make their businesses visible and be confident in what they do.

Check her website to know more how is she helping introverts to make business:




Susan CainSusan Cain

Susan might be the one behind all this introversion movement – I guess you have read her book Quiet: The Power of Introverts in A World That Can’t Stop Talking. Her awards and recognitions are innumerable, but that is not the most important thing for you. It is important that her curiosity, creativity, and intelligence finally let her become a leader of a worldwide movement.

See her website with lots of resources and inspirations made for introverts:




Sow AySow Ay

This guy works as a freelance graphic designer and illustrator – this might seem like a dream job for many of us. But he is anxious. A lot. And he dares to share his struggles of being an introverted anxious freelancer by drawing cute and incredibly depressed webcomics. Sometimes to see that we are not alone is the only inspiration we need. (I guess that black creature behind him is his Anxiety)

Step into the world of the Anxious Dreamer:




Sophia DemblingSophia Dembling

Sophia is a writer who enjoys her quiet life. Despite her books being quite famous, she does not talk much about herself. Despite being a writer she does not even write much about herself. And that is the life of a successful introvert – all we need sometimes is just to escape the noisy world and enjoy our quiet activities like sewing, reading, hanging out with friends and catering to the needs of our pets.

Check out her Introvert’s Corner on Psychology Today:




Sacha ChuaSacha Chua

Sacha is doing an amazing experiment – 5 years in semi-retirement. She quit her job and she is trying to live an awesome life. She is doing some programming, some blogging, some drawing and some business. Another proof that you can do tech and creative work at the same time. And if that is not going to work – the experiment will end in 2017 leaving her with a great 5-year experience! (Well, it’s stll going on as much as I know.)

See what did she learn on the way while experimenting with her own life on her blog/website:




Ritu KaushalRitu Kaushal

Ritu is a highly sensitive introvert, a combination that sometimes may seem as “double cursing”, however she accepts her personality as the one having some gifts as well as some some challenges. Since she walked through a transition in her life leaving her home country India and moving to the USA, her writing also talks about how highly sensitive people can adapt to major changes in their lives. Apparently, they can do that too.

See her website and find out about sensitivity:




Paul JarvisPaul Jarvis

People assume Paul is an extrovert because he’s not shy. He’s quiet around people, but not because he’s awkward. Calm demeanor and self-confidence radiate from all his writings and his blog is a great source to gather some strength, inner harmony, and inspiration to do what you do.

He’s a “Company of One” writing books, teaching people about business, and developing software:




Patricia WeberPatricia Weber

Patricia has plenty of energy and ideas, but still is an introvert. Her job is a sales coach – usually, we think of sales about something not related or even contradictory to introversion but seems that this time, it’s not true, she is coaching not only introverts but extroverts too. People are always asking her, “Where do you get your energy?” she has her own answer and helps other people finding theirs.

Learn more about her on her blog/website:




Michaela ChungMichaela Chung

Michaela dared to leave her old life – quit her job, sell her things and start a new one. During that time she did not only travel – she discovered that her life purpose is to help other introverts embrace who they are and live their best life, and that’s what she is doing now. Her quiet skills of warmth and understanding are her signature style and might be the reason behind her success.

Visit her blog and be overwhelmed by warmth and understanding:


I have remade one article by Michaela into a graphic story: 8 reasons to be thankful you’re an introvert



MattiMatti from Finland

Imagine the whole country being introverted and socially awkward! Maybe that is not absolutely true about Finland, but hand drawn character Matti from Finland is often involved in awkward situations. For him simple social situations become nightmares. And so often they are funny – I believe that being able to laugh at ourselves is a liberating skill.

Check the comic about uncomfortable social situations, uncomfortable everything:




Mateo SolMateo Sol

Mateo is a modern day shaman involved in mysterious practices, but at the same time, he is researching modern theories of psychology, neurology, and physics. Despite spending most of his childhood alone, and having a problematic family he managed to create a happy and healthy life.

All about soulwork, his main topic you can find on his magic website:




Marta LeiteMarta Leite

Introverts are all around the world and Marta is a life coach helping introverts in the Portuguese language. She is a teacher who loves support people in their self-improvement and also an INFJ personality type which is the reason behind her great motivation. No matter what country you live in, there might be someone like Marta!

In case you speak Portuguese, visit her website:




LizLiz Careathers

Liz is spreading a message about living gentle, but powerful life. She writes to inspire people to be kind to themselves and the world around them. And maybe this kindness is the only thing we need to be powerful. As she speaks about herself: “I am highly sensitive and emotionally rich”. Maybe sensitivity is one thing that can make us truly rich.

Follow her journey on her website:




Jonathan FieldsJonathan Fields

Jonathan is so passionate about his activities, that he forgets he is an introvert. Community-driven ventures, public speaking, interviewing, podcasting and many other amazing things are filling his days along with nice evenings with his family. He might be holding the answer how to find the energy to handle all of it, and that answer is to love what you do.

See his project about good life:




Jennifer GrannemanJennifer Granneman

You might not know Jennifer but she is the one behind the very successful website for introverts and highly sensitive people – Introvert Dear. Her work is the proof that you don’t need to be on the cover of your website to be successful – may your work speak louder than your words. Introvert Dear is not just another blog – it’s a community.

Visit the community of introverts and highly sensitive people:


I have remade one article by Jennifer into a graphic story: 8 ways introverts socialize differently



Jacob MarekJacob Marek

It’s true that introverts love adventure, just in a slower, more reflective pace. Jacob knows about it best because he left his job in finance and ventured into a travel adviser business where he focuses on introverts. It’s unbelievable how well he understands traveling issues of an introvert: the need for downtime and recharge, awkwardness in communication. But for some people wanderlust and curiosity are stronger.

Visit his website and maybe ask him for help:




Yuta AokiYuta Aoki

Yuta says he is very introverted. But at the same time, he is teaching the Japanese language, enjoys making interviews with random people and has spent quite a lot of time out of his home country. He is not the one who managed to change himself, he is the one who managed to use his natural interests and talents in a creative way.





A fictional cartoon persona named INFJoe shows us the real struggles of trying to come to terms with extroverts, sensors, thinkers and perceivers on a daily basis. His simple stories from everyday life are neither depressing nor overly inspirational, just as real as the reality of an introvert himself.

Visit his website to see all those stories:
Or pre-order his soon to be published book “Text, Don’t Call”




Derek SiversDerek Sivers

Derek is a man with many passions and abilities to follow all of them – a musician, a businessman, a programmer, a writer (34 books!) and what’s next? He’s probably the most famous for founding CD Baby – a music store for independent artists, selling it, and giving away all the money to charity. Total introvert according to himself.

Check his personal blog/website for more of his inspiring ideas:


I have remade one article by Derek into a graphic story: How to like people



Debbie TungDebbie Tung

Debbie is a real life person but at the same time, she is a cartoon character sharing her everyday life stories of an introvert. Her blog is called “Where’s My Bubble?”. Seems like a life of an introvert is a constant search for a bubble to recharge. Maybe drawing cartoons is a way to recharge for her, and reading them is a way to recharge for us, readers.

See her cartoons:




Danielle LaPorteDanielle LaPorte

You will not believe that Danielle is an introvert. Maybe she lies on her twitter profile? A former owner of a communications agency, a coach, a speaker and wildly successful businesswoman. But she is also a writer, a spiritual person, an author of a book about developing your inner world “The Desire Map“. Isn’t it great that she finally teaches introversion to everyone?

See her blog, and be amazed:




Chris GuillebeauChris Guillebeau

Maybe you know Chris as a successful writer, maybe as an entrepreneur, maybe as the organizer of the World Domination Summit, but what amazes me the most is that he visited every single country in the world. Yep, he has been in your country too, wherever you live. The burning desire to know new places and new worlds might be in introvert’s heart too.

See his website and learn more about his neverending activities:




Celestine ChuaCelestine Chua

Celes rarely tells that she is an introvert. She is bold, seeks excellence in life and is passionate about personal growth. Her coaching business is aimed at everyone seeking excellence. But only in some really open articles, you can find that yeah – Celes is an introvert loving reading, video games, and other geeky things. But that only helps her to run her business.

If you want excellence in your life too, see her blog:




Cat RoseCat Rose

Cat is dedicated to finding the spark of creativity in introverts. Her own story includes a draining 9-5 job in an open-plan office space and also draining networking as a freelancer trying to find clients. Finding that she’s an introvert was a milestone that let her understand how does she really want to work and start creating her life in the most suitable way.

Now she identifies herself as Creative Introvert and runs an online community known as the League of Creative Introverts:




Brenda KnowlesBrenda Knowles

Brenda is a dreamy, intuitive, sensitive, deeply feeling introvert. And she has a beautiful personal story of transformation, but not of her personality, a transformation of her life to fit her personality better. This involved changing activities, changing surrounding people and at last sharing the lessons learned in life with everyone.

Now she is a coach and writer, see her works at:




Beth BuelowBeth Buelow

Beth teaches introverts about business – her website is called “Introvert Entrepreneur” and that should not be strange. She often talks to famous and successful introverted entrepreneurs and shows examples to everyone again and again that introversion is not a drawback even in such a noisy field as the business. And she still likes cats and chocolate.

Check her website and know more successful introverted business people:




April RayApril Ray

April calls herself the biggest introvert on the planet and her pursue was to build a business where she wouldn’t have to actually talk to people. But now we can find her having a consultancy business in the field of Network Marketing! Isn’t that unbelievable?  She says: “You still have to promote to get the word out about your awesomeness, but it doesn’t have to be super hyped, uncomfortable or energy draining.”

Check her services for introverts who want to be better marketers on her website:




Andy MortAndy Mort

Andy is a Gentle Rebel. He believes that we can step up and make a positive and creative difference in a world, despite the fact that doing so is scary and uncomfortable. And the most interesting part – he is also a musician and songwriter! (Check his Soundcloud profile to hear songs) Being on stage, and sharing things that come from his heart do not scare him. Shouldn’t scare you too.

Check his blog and podcast for more beautiful ideas:


I have remade one article by Andy into a graphic story: 7 ways to recharge your social energy



Aletheia LunaAletheia Luna

“I like to think of myself as a spokesperson for the quiet, eccentric, socially awkward, free-spirited, sore-thumbs in life.” That is what we, quiet people often lack – the ability to stand four ourselves and to defend our way of living. Aletheia is a writer and one of the authors of a beautiful and mysterious website “Loner Wolf” dedicated for the thinkers, the visionaries, the healers and the magic makers of life, called by the solitary inner quest. Sounds like a fairytale!

Check her magic website:




People who need a boost of self-confidence might be happy to see this list. Do you know any introverted people who consider themselves in disadvantage because of this character trait? Share this list with them, this might be the cure they need.

But the best you can do is to make some quiet steps in your life, to start moving along the life direction you truly believe and start making a positive impact for those around you. Even if you feel like nothing now, one day you will be living an amazing life. Only if you start making positive steps.

Looking forward to hearing from you!

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