What you didn’t know about me – I’m also a musician.

My first release is called Maddest Sanity. Other musicians say it’s quite inspiring, positive and uplifting.

Maddest – because it is complex with unconventional rhythms and strange compositions.
Sanity – because it is simple and clear.
Paradoxes of introvert’s mind.

The style is electronic, because the one who only knows how to play djembe, creates music with a computer. I did it for myself, experimenting with rhythms, structures and melodies, so do not expect anything traditional and well-defined.

Each track has a unique cover, each track is a separate story, there is no overarching motif in the whole album. Please listen and download this album on its official page.

But you can also listen to them here.

Wolfram – massive like this metal used in making light bulbs. But it’s not metal music, it’s electronic.

Axis of the Supercluster – like and easy flight in space to visit our neighbor galaxies.

Composition 1 – the simplest deep composition among the deepest simple compositions.

The Place – a gap in the fabric of space spreading at the speed of light.

Elektronik Muzik – when a computer goes crazy, but it’s still a computer.

Innner Peece is not inner peace. It’s a search, a game, a battle.

Km/h – speed. Do not listen while driving. Seriously.

My Sound is Better – massive, but random, like easily floating bricks of concrete.

Take on Drum and Bass – I tried to recreate a popular style of dance music, and this what I got. This is not the exact style intended, but a variation of it.

Futurism – hopes about a new future. This is my first serious track ever made.

You can download it here.


Thank you for listening!