What am I doing NOW?

Here is my answer to meaningless small talk like “what’s up?”, or “what are you doing?”

Projects I’m excited about:

  • Writing a book. Almost finished!
  • Preparing my music to release. This should happen sooner or later.


Latest achievements and experiences:

  • Hiked and camped in winter. Overprepared – it was too hot actually. (January 2017)
  • Our facebook page managed to reach 1000 likes. Awesome! (December 2016)
  • Survived a huge meeting of bloggers – more than 40 people. (December 2016)
  • Arranged 4 workshops in 3 cities, almost 80 people attended. (November 2016)


Book I’m reading things I’m learning:

  • No book currently. I have no time for books :(
  • I am learning to draw better than I am doing now.
  • I am trying to check my personal facebook only once in two days. Easier than I thought, but now addicted to youtube…
  • I am trying to intensify my meditation since my mind is scattered a lot.


What about this blog?:


Things I’m planning for this blog:

  • To rewrite about, because it’s kinda obsolete. The website is constantly evolving with more and more focus on graphic stories and positive philosophy and less on text and self-pretend-to-help.
  • To remake more articles of other bloggers and significantly increase the number of graphic stories.


Last update: 4 February 2017.

This page does not have the archive to remember the impermanence of things in the world where everything is saved and backed up.

This page will be updated not more often than once a month. Thanks to Derek Sivers and Tim Ferriss for the idea and inspiration.