Zayts is a symbol of this website. He represents positive changes and active life of introverts. Look – he has no mouth, but he traveled the world and is getting famous!

Zayts has an introverted personality. He spends most of his time alone writing, exploring the world or reading. When he is around other animals he is usually quite quiet, unless someone asks him to tell stories about the depths of tao philosophy or remote exotic countries he has visited. Despite being a loner he has some true friends. The Cheshire Cat with a mysterious smile is his best friend. He is too busy smiling and never bothers Zayts with a shallow small talk.

Zayts and the Cheshire Cat

True friends

Zayts believes that introversion is a different way to deal with the world and not an excuse. You can do what you want – do business, travel the world, give an amazing public speech, manage people and build a tribe. He noticed that extroverts often suck at these little things, and introverts often excel, and that inspires him to try things that previously seemed forbidden.

He is also very positive, he believes that all the problems can be solved and there is no situation where he is helpless. However he understands how full of shit is the world we live in, but that is not the reason to be grumpy. The world is also as dangerous as hell, but that is no reason to tremble with fear under the blanket.

dangerous world

The world is a dangerous place

He is very curious and interested about many things ranging from modern psychology to ancient physics. But he noticed, that nowadays the word “science” is reduced to a magic spell that proves everything. According to him, that’s not right, science is about not knowing and curiosity. You can see him raising questions and listening to answer by other animals quite often.

Zayts is a hare (Lepus europaeus), not a rabbit. There is a difference (read more here). Hares are loners while rabbits live in colonies. Hares live in open spaces while rabbits dig burrows.

a real hare

A real hare (source)

His name is derived from Slavic word Zayats (Заяц) meaning “Hare”. He is orange because he is positive, energetic and loves carrots. His ears are long because he is good at listening – as introvert hares are supposed to be.

What does he do here?

He is here to keep our positive mood and inspire us by his activities. He is a perfect actor for most of the illustrations on this website.

But the true reasons why he is here are these:

  1. I don’t want generic stock photos on my website.
  2. I suck at photography, so I cannot make nice pics.
  3. I can draw, so I can make illustrations instead.
  4. I am introvert and I do not want to put my face everywhere like blogging gurus teach. Let the orange animal do the job.

So he is working part-time for this blog, writing articles and participating in illustrations.

He is also an admin of our twitter account. However, I take care of facebook myself and I have way more followers than him! Not the best admin.

One day he might be hired to pose for illustrations in other blogs. I’d be happy about that.

But he is a real life creature – he exists in a real world. He accompanied me in many of my travels, being my only and true companion, never bothering with silly talks, crazy demands and always staying by my side no matter what. The best companion ever!

Zayts in his castle

Zayts in his castle

As you already got the point, he loves traveling, but mostly in Asia and Europe. When traveling he likes visiting beautiful places of nature (waterfalls! deep forests!) and cultural heritage (ancient cities! local markets!). He enjoys feeling overwhelmed by the environment. Usually, nature is better, but he likes big cities too, especially Istanbul and Hong Kong.

Also, Zayts loves languages and feels attracted by mysterious unintelligible scripts. He can speak English, Russian, Japanese, Lithuanian, also some Thai and German. He can understand a bit of Polish, Ukrainian and Latvian. Somehow he learned to read Georgian script. Crazy lad!

He likes watching movies, listening to music, driving a bicycle, camping alone and long long hikes in nature. He loves nature. That’s why there is so much green color on this website.

How did he come to this world?

There is a legend that he was made by some maker of exclusive toys. But this one is probably false, don’ believe it!

The truth is that he was born when Hello Kitty met the Garden Gnome from Amélie in the mind of the author of this website.

Amélie’s Garden Gnome

Amelie's garden gnomeIf you have seen the incredible movie “Amélie” then you know this story.

The Garden Gnome, that was standing in Amélie’s father’s garden suddenly disappeared. But later her father started receiving photos of the Gnome, visiting places all around the world.

Magic? No, not at all. Amélie stole this Gnome from the garden and asked her friend, a stewardess in an airline company to bring him together, to make photos of him in many famous places, and send postcards back home to her father.

After seeing this movie, I was inspired by this idea of an independently traveling toy!

If a Gnome can do amazing things and change someone’s life, maybe an orange hare can do it too?

Hello Kitty

Hello KittyYes, it is girlish, childish mainstream character.

But she does not have a mouth. “Hello Kitty does not have a mouth because they want people to project their feelings onto the character and be happy or sad together with Hello Kitty.” (The most reliable source tells us)

Zayts too can be a perfect travel buddy – to worry with you when you are in trouble, to enjoy with you when you do something amazing, to keep calm when you are relaxed.

Zayts has qualities from both of the original inspiring characters – his ability to be independent in this world he got from the Gnome, and his cuteness and lack of mouth he got from the Kitty. That’s the story.

By the way, how is Zayts talking and eating if he has no mouth? Well, I guess not all his secrets are revealed yet.

Where can I meet him?

You can meet him on this website in most of the articles, it’s his online home.

Maybe one day he will do a world tour to meet his fans. Someday in distant future.

So, I hope you enjoyed knowing this character better and will meet him again. He wants you to subscribe. Seriously – you will get articles featuring him and graphic stories featuring him too.

Zayts by a lake wants to subscribe

Can you click on his nose? No nose? Where is the nose?

Thank you for taking the time to read!

Have a nice day!

However, this article was supposed to be for fun. A more serious ABOUT page is here.