This website is dedicated to illustrated ideas for introverts and other subtle personalities about calming the noisy mind and having more energy. Here we consider that introversion is not something that is just OK, but a gentle superpower which must be nourished and recharged, protected from distraction and interruption.

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What’s wrong with the idea of introversion?

Why do we need such a website, when there are lots of websites teaching those things, and many websites talking about introversion? The reason is that there still are 3 little problems that are rarely solved.

First. There are plenty of self-help and personal development websites created by outgoing extroverts who think that the only way to achieve something is to be an outgoing gregarious assertive Tony Robbins. But I know that is not true, because I have spent too much time looking for solutions to my problems in the vast field of traditional personal development and found lots of ideas, but most of them simply did not work for me while some of them worked the opposite. Emotion-based motivation industry makes me feel like a straggler rather than motivated.


Second. Introverts themselves feel like they’re broken. Maybe the reason is talkative heroes in our movies (think about Deadpool – how cool is he), maybe those things in the paragraph above, or maybe a widespread idea in our society, that we can shape our personality in any way we want and some personalities must be fixed.

Me too, I thought that there is something wrong with me and I made lots of effort to master the art of talking until I noticed that most blabbermouths are far from being masters not only in talking but in many areas of life. Later I discovered that:

There are other things that block our potential, and those things are not introversion. Those obstacles might be related to it though, so they need a special treatment, not that emotional boosting as in traditional self-help. Here are some of the blocks, that block our minds from arriving at the right ideas, and block our bodies from doing the right actions:

blocking actions

So, introversion is not a drawback. There are other drawbacks we should work on.

Third. And then we have a problem with websites aimed at introverts. Many of them just focus on affirmations, like “oh, I am so introverted, I cannot do anything”. Most of the messages for introverts are praising the blissful binge watching of Netflix, scrolling cat memes while sitting wrapped in a blanket or 101 different ways to avoid people.

These affirmations are needed, but introversion is more than that. Look at this meme:

Introverts and extroverts

This one shows 4 times more, that most of the memes, and it was still heavily criticized on facebook as too generalizing. And I am happy about that! Introverts are also able to lead and sometimes even like parties! Extroverts also binge watch Netflix, and they’re also creative. And there are great resources for introverts on the internet talking about leadership, marketing, business, connection – some of them are gathered in this list of inspiring introverts. Have a look, learn about those people, who they are, what they say, and what they did.

Introversion is not an excuse to stare at the screen all day and avoid people. Do it if you want, not because an introvert is supposed to do that.

By saying “introvert” I mean every person who thinks of themselves as introverts. Or quiet thinkers. Or socially awkward. I have no background in psychology, so I don’t care if a shy extrovert calls him an introvert. Everyone can learn from introverts, actually.

Why should I be interested in this website?

It might be interesting because it is fun and entertaining with all those hand-drawn illustrations, it focuses on positive philosophy without boosting unnecessary emotions, “calm energy” as I call it, and everything told here is tailored for introverts and other subtle personalities, because I am one of them too (you already guessed that).

The introvert is a personality, but to build our life the way we want we need to develop our character. Not personality – it’s character. And doing things in an introverted way might be slightly different from the extroverted way. If extroverts need the inspiration to think before doing, so introverts need the inspiration to do after thinking.

creating and building life

To put it in one sentence this website is about

positive philosophy for subtle personalities

Positive means that we are focusing on solutions, ideas and ways how to deal with obstacles, how to unblock ourselves. Positivity is not deceiving ourselves, that everything is OK. It is understanding that the world is a nasty place and doing our best. (More about positivity.)

positive approach

Philosophy means that we are looking at things systematically and not randomly. All this personal development, self-help, religions are philosophies of life, and I’m developing my own. If you like my philosophy, please join me. (More about benefits of philosophy.)

Subtle personalities are introverts, quiet thinkers, shy or sensitive people. We take a calm and balanced approach to issues, never bury them under a pile of motivational emotions or emotional motivations.

We’re talking here about such things:

  • Ideas for taming (calming down and organizing) the noisy mind.
  • Finding energy (aka motivation, inspiration) to do what we want to do.
  • Learning about life skills (communication for example).
  • Unblocking the potential of subtle personality by taming the mind, finding energy and learning skills.

Our vision

To be the resource of positive philosophy and calm energy for quiet thinkers, introverts, HSPs and other people with subtle personalities.

Our mission

  • To provide information, inspiration and affirmation needed for more positive, more exciting, but still quiet and balanced life in this hyperexcited world.
  • To provide that information in a fun, entertaining and inspiring way.

Our values

1) Positivity and action. Because if we do not take action – nothing happens. Something may happen, and this something could be even good for us, but the probability is low.

2) Growth and learning. Because if we do not improve, the same and the same happens. It’s great if you want to keep what’s currently happening, but that keeping is also a thing to do.

3) Mindfulness and observation. Because most subtle personalities are good at it. And it is useful.

4) Creativity and expression. Because that’s how we build our lives the way we want. It’s not only about arts, it’s about everything.

5) Logic and structure. Because that’s the best way to understand things.

6) Holistic view. Because everything is connected. The sun is made from atoms and brain is made from atoms.

I see no contradictions in phrases like “logic and creativity”, “calm energy”, “quiet adventure”, “philosophy of action”. I believe those contradictions arise because of limited capacities of our language. (I make fun of contradictions here.)

You will notice, that sometimes I use word ïnspiration. It’s shorthand for the full title “introvert inspiration”. i with two dots resembles the two i’s in the title.

What’s inside?

So, what will we find here on this website?

Graphic stories. These are articles with practical or philosophical insights, but hand-drawn, like comic strips and with animal characters instead of humans.

Insights. Illustrated articles about the world and the ways to deal with it.

Memes. I do not always make memes, but when I do, I draw them myself. Some of them are funny, some of them are thoughtful. Some of them are more about introversion, some of them are more philosophical.

Personal stories. Sometimes I write about my own real life experiences, experiments, and inspirations.

Secret library. This one is for insiders only (but it’s easy to become one). There are free e-books and Excel sheets with life management tools and techniques. The one about finding the Life Direction is the most popular and the best, but recently I added a longer graphic story there.

Animal characters. They are the characters of graphic stories, memes and most of the illustrations. Every one of them has their distinct personality, traits, powers and superpowers. Orange Hare Zayts is the main character.

introvert reading a book

But wait, that’s crazy! Is this website fun or serious? It seems like a serious site about life philosophy but then we have animal characters?

It’s as serious as fables. “Animal farm” by George Orwell, a movie “Watership down”, fables by Aesop, Ivan Krylov are serious things. If Mark Manson writes personal development articles with lots of word “fuck” in them, is he serious? Some people say John Oliver is more serious that many journalists. This is the way I provide information, I believe it is relatable and easy to grasp. For me, animated Princess Mononoke is a more serious movie than most of recent Hollywood production with adult actors. This website is serious and fun, and again, there is no contradiction here.

serious fun

My sources

There are three main sources of things I say:

  1. Observing myself and my experiences. Because feeling and experiencing by yourself is a great way of learning about yourself.
  2. Observing others and their expressions. Because we cannot experience everything by ourselves. Life is too short.
  3. Reading books. Because they provide a systematic view to random observations of ourselves and others. I read books ranging from ancient eastern happiness philosophy to modern western thoughts about success.
  4. Sometimes I just remake articles of other authors into graphic stories. (this one doesn’t count)

Colors – they have meanings

Orange means our rich inner world and calm inner energy.
Green means harmony we seek in our lives.
Grey means a boring appearance of introverts to others. Let’s face that.
Black and white are the most basic colors. They stand for clarity of mind.

Who are you?

I am an introvert. That means I do not like small talk or mere socializing. Talking and meeting with people must be on purpose for me.

In my life, I saw the opposite quite often. I saw people communicating just for the sake of communication, boasting about what they are going to do and never did, complaining about everything but doing nothing to make anything better, creating dreams only to talk about them to fill the silence while drinking beer. Seems like everything is just for the sake of talking.

Of course, I thought that I have a drawback. I thought that I should talk more with no intention of doing something, I thought there is no need to be good at anything but boasting. Just to be the master of small talk. And silence is evil – it should be filled with words.

I tried to cure myself, to force speaking, when it is not necessary. Even if it is nonsense. To make more noise and to get more attention. I could maintain a small talk to a stranger in an elevator while it went from ground floor to the top. What an achievement!

I tried to negate myself, to forget my way of doing stuff. To forget thorough analysis and contemplation and to step into the world of meetings and discussions.

I tried to avoid myself, surround myself with situations where it would be necessary to be with people and talk more. Suddenly I caught myself surrounded by uninspiring people doing nothing but talking.

During the first few years of real life (the one that happens after graduation) I got to know many new people who had great achievements in their lives no matter how much they talk. Of course, some of them talk a lot, but some of them do it less than me!

I understood that much of my beliefs about the world were wrong and I changed my strategy. The more I relied on my inner values and abandoned old beliefs the more I enjoyed my life. I met more interesting people by connecting with those who like doing things, than with those who like talking.

Then I found this motivational industry but quickly understood, that resources aimed specifically at introverts are scarce. Most of the resources are aimed specifically at extroverts, so they didn’t work for me. That’s why instead of relying on some external philosophies of life I started creating my own and that’s why I have what to share.

I’m still on a way, still doing small quiet and positive transformations. I’m moving forward and I guess I am not the only one here.

My name is Martynas and I live in Europe. I have the background and lots of experience in economics – a highly philosophical, but highly mathematical field.

I started this website as a blog for my travels, I intended to share my philosophical insights there and photos of my travel buddy toy but gradually it transformed into what it is now.

I have no fear of public speaking, so from time to time I share my philosophy with other people in various events.

I like spending time in nature, while traveling I never miss the opportunity to get lost in a local forest or jungle.

me in nature

I also create strange experimental music. You can listen to my first album here.

My favorite movie is “Stalker” by Andrei Tarkovsky.
My favorite book is “Siddhartha” by Herman Hesse.
My favorite music is “If I could say I love you” by Venetian Snares.
My favorite comics are “Lone wolf and cub” by Goseki and Kojima.
My favorite painter is Stasys Eidrigevičius.

If you want to see my facebook and invite to friends – it’s here. I’m quite passive there. More contacts on the contact page.

I once asked my wise friend: “But what I’m supposed to do in my life?

Your mistakes” – he answered.

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