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What will I get after becoming an insider?

There are two reasons to become an insider.

1. Access to our Secret Library.

We have some great items in our library to tame the noisy mind, to find energy, and to realize our potential.

How to Get Rid of Negative Thoughts (A Graphic Story)

How to get rid of negative thoughtsThis is a 45-page long graphic story offering 8 ideas cutting the very roots of negative thoughts. Those ideas are not a temporary relief, they are to change the usual thinking patterns and the life as well.

Since it is a graphic story with animal characters talking about every idea it will be fun to read and easy to remember later.

If your mind is cluttered with negative depressing thoughts, but motivational quotes seem like bullshit, then try these 8 ideas. Sources of negative thoughts are everywhere in our daily life and we need well-prepared solutions how to deal with them.


A Set of Questions that Reveals Your Life Direction (e-book)

This is a carefully selected set of 52 questions that helped me and 1000+ other people to find their direction in life. The questions will guide you through the realms of your own mind, and through the real world as well.

The result should be a clear idea what do you want to do next in your life. What to do tomorrow. Not some vague purpose or artificial constructed passion.

If you want to make a move, you must know the direction first. The move will be your passion. The destination, yet unknown, will be your purpose.


9 Ways to Boost Energy Quickly (e-book)

This is an e-book with 9 quick solutions for situations when we need energy quickly, but there is no time to recharge. It might be a party, a meeting, an interview or anything that happens unexpectedly.

I call those solutions “boosters”. They can be applied in few minutes, and temporarily increase energy, just enough to survive until a recharge session.

On internets, you can find lots of ideas how to get energy by eating or drinking certain things, but this e-book uses natural powers of our body and mind: physiology, attention, association, imagination.

All solutions are perfectly suitable for people with subtle personalities – no need to talk to anyone and all of them can be done alone.


Organized Mind – the spreadsheet that makes your thinking organized

This is the spreadsheet that can make your thinking organized. It will lead you step-by-step through the best structured thinking practices like Brainstorming, SWOT analysis, sensitivity analysis, Getting Things Done natural planning model allowing you to make a decision or find a solution. It is useful for solving any kind of problems – for bigger ones you can use all the steps, for smaller, you will be able to skip irrelevant steps.

I recommend to use it for every medium-sized problem until the described pattern of thinking becomes a habit – the mind becomes organized. I used it for a long time (however not that beautifully crafted version), and I don’t need it anymore, now it’s a habit.

There is even a sheet for goal setting and feedback.


Meditation for Beginners (e-book)

This is a really short e-book with a description how to start meditating in 8 minutes.

Meditation is a practice, so I will tell you what exact actions are needed to start practicing. Most guides to meditation are talking about deep realizations, but they come after practicing, not after reading about them. Here we have just steps to do, that’s why it’s so short – start practicing and those realizations will come.

Meditation is a deep practice, you can learn it your whole life, but, as one famous book says: A journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step.

May this e-book be your first single step.


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I never send any spam and any things irrelevant to our topic and you can unsubscribe easily if you are tired of me.

I am not sending new memes to your email. For them, we have facebook or twitter.

What are the articles about?

We have fun and entertaining graphic stories and articles with hand-drawn illustrations, focusing on positive philosophy without boosting unnecessary emotions, “calm energy” as I call it, and everything told here is tailored for introverts.

We’re talking here about such things:

  • Ideas for taming (calming down and organizing) the noisy mind.
  • Finding energy (aka motivation, inspiration) to do what we want to do.
  • Learning about life skills (communication for example).
  • Unblocking the potential of subtle personality by taming the mind, finding energy and learning skills.

I write a lot about things that block our potential:

What if I don’t like your articles?

There is unsubscribe link in every email that I send, so you can easily leave me.

Who are you? What is this site? Why do I see that orange animal everywhere?

To know the answers to such questions you definitely need to read the about section.

This website is about positive philosophy for subtle personalities, quiet and positive transformations for better daily life.

Orange animal is a symbol of positive changes and active life of introverts. He has no mouth – he cannot speak, but he lives an exciting life.

Other questions?

Feel free to contact me. I am happy getting messages from readers and discussing with them meaningful topics.

What is your next action?

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