Is your mind cluttered with negative depressing thoughts?
Do motivational quotes seem like bullshit?

In this case, you may find my graphic story about getting rid of negative thoughts interesting and useful. There are three reasons to like it:

  1. This is a piece of positive philosophy offering 8 ideas cutting the very roots of negative thoughts, those ideas are not a temporary relief, they are to change the usual thinking patterns and the life as well.
  2. This is not a motivational thing. It’s rational and honest, when there are two sides of a technique, I’ll show you both.
  3. The philosophy is presented like a graphic story with different animals talking about every idea. This will be fun to read and easy to remember later.


Every idea is absolutely serious and could be life-changing. Every idea is a thinking pattern that you can apply in daily life.

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If you like cats, there will be 3 cats in this book, 4 if we count lion as a cat.

I made this graphic story because I wanted to offer my subscribers something really valuable that would be completely hand drawn. The whole website is hand drawn so one item in our Secret Library must be hand drawn too. I wanted to make a compilation of ideas that would convey the theme of the website, but not some scattered list, I wanted them to revolve around one topic.

So, what could convey positive philosophy better, than ideas about dealing with negativity? Also, I am dealing with negative thoughts myself and have a good set of tested and useful practices. I hope you’ll enjoy reading this graphic story as I enjoyed making it!