Is your thinking messy and random? Is it difficult to put thoughts in an order and arrive at a meaningful idea?

This is the spreadsheet that can make your thinking organized. It will lead you step-by-step through the best structured thinking practices like Brainstorming, SWOT analysis, sensitivity analysis, Getting Things Done natural planning model allowing you to make a decision or find a solution. It is useful for solving any kind of problems – for bigger ones you can use all the steps, for smaller, you will be able to skip irrelevant steps. You will use your brain and your own creativity, but more efficiently.

Clear structured thinking is a skill of great value in today’s complex world. I recommend to use it for every medium-sized problem until the described pattern of thinking becomes a habit – the mind becomes organized. I used it for a long time (however, not that beautifully crafted version), and I don’t need it anymore, now it’s a habit.

Where should I send the link to the spreadsheet? It’s free.

You will get access to all the items in our secret library as well.